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PSE-audio an ongoing story for high end professional audio

PSE-audio is a German audio brand with a history of over 30 years founded in 1984 in Schweinfurt. We are very proud of our philosophy which we trace uncompromisingly with passion: developing and manufacturing audio equipment such as speakers, speaker cabinets, dsp audio management controller, amplifier with highest quality and reliability. PSE-audio system stands out in awesome power demand and very high SPL with excellent sound quality. PSE-audio sets up the new standards in workmanship and reliability. Our passion goes down to the last detail of R&D and manufacturing. The company credo is quality rather than quantity.

The PSE-audio product range is huge, matching the requirement of every market where professional audio and high sound quality is needed. Whatever is requested PSE-audio has the right solution available. PSE-audio provides complete audio solution and system incl. racks and cabling.

By the way, PSE-audio is not just a supplier of just professional products. It means much more. Our self-understanding is to be a partner for our customers not just a supplier. We encourage our customers wherever we can. PSE-audio does support the customers also in planning and implementation of audio projects. PSE-audio, a pioneering German brand with world top class loudspeaker systems!

PSE-audio Event

PSE-audio Event

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