Galaxy series GS-15

Galaxy-series high end multifunction series


Galaxy series GS-15          Galaxy series GS-15
GS-15 general description

Features GS-15

  • 1x15" speaker neodymium (100mm voice coil)
  • 1x3" (75mm) compression driver neodymium
  • highfrequency horn 1,4" throat
  • horn directivity h90°/v60°
  • 90° rotable high frequency horn to v60°/h90°
  • multifunction housing
  • wedge angle 45°
  • tripod (pole mount) flange
  • 7 air-lock mounting points
  • 4 M8 mounting points
  • 2 M10 mounting points
  • 2 multi gauge plates 360° / 5° steps
  • 2 Neutrik speakon 4-pin for passive
  • 2 Neutrik speakon 8-pin for Bi-amp
  • passive / bi-amp swichable
  • bass link function
  • high-mid link funktion
  • perforated steel front grill powder coated
  • acoustc foam 4mm bihind front grill
  • wood housing plywood 15mm, 27mm
  • polyurea (PU) high scratch proof coating

Application GS-15

  • discotheque, clubs, bars, entertainment
  • live events, live entertainment

Appliance GS-15

  • high-mid unit for fix installation
  • high-mid unit for mobile PA
  • fullrange PA cabinet
  • floor monitor
  • nearfill
  • delay line


Galaxy series GS-15

GS-15 specification
rated impedance 8 Ω
operation mode switchable bi-amp/passive
power handling capacity bi-amp AES/peak* 1000W / 4000W*
power handling capacity passive AES/peak* 500W / 2000W*
available frequency response** 50Hz-20kHz
max. sound pressure level*** 142dB
directivity (h x v) 90°/60° (90°rotatable)
LF-transducer rated sice 15"
LF-transducer voice coil diameter 100mm/4"
LF-transducer magnet structure neodymium
HF-compression driver rated sice (VC) 75mm/3"
HF-compression throat diameter 1,4"
HF-compression magnet structure neodymium
dimension h/w/d in mm 730/460/360
weight 28kg
* peak 10ms, with TD-8000 amplifier and GS-15 max controller setup
** -10dB with GS-15 FR controller setup
***1m free field, pink noise, crest factor 10dB, with TD-8000 and GS-15 SPL bi-amp controller setup

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